Tonies - Space Travel/ The Moon

  • £15.00

Add educational audiobooks to your Tonies library with the Tonies How and Why – Space Travel/The Moon Content Tonie. Just place the astronaut Tonie on your Toniebox speaker and listen…

Space Travel

Rockets lift off from space stations around the world. But how do astronauts move in zero gravity? Why do they wear spacesuits and what do they eat on the spaceship?

The Moon

Up to this day, 12 Apollo astronauts have set foot on the moon. Since the first moon landing, scientists have discovered how the moon was formed, why it has endless craters and why a thick layer of dust covers its surface.

  • Plays true stories and facts from space on your Toniebox
  • 2 topics: Space Travel and The Moon
  • Recommended for ages 6 and up
  • Run time: approx. 70 mins