Janod - Mademoiselle Dolls House

Janod Mademoiselle Doll's House is Home, Sweet Home for your little doll family.

The wooden house, painted to look like white bricks with pink accents, measures 21in. (53cm.) tall by 14.5in. (37cm.) wide by 10.5in. (27cm.) deep.

There’s a door and 3 windows with shutters, all with a matching pink and heart motif. The roof sides easily come off to create an attic space, and the front of the house swings open to reveal 2 big rooms to play in.

Each of the 2 floors is 6.5in. (15cm.) tall by 14in. (35cm.) wide by 10.25in. (26cm.) deep. The downstairs in the living room and dining room and upstairs is a bedroom with 2 round windows and a bathtub. Both floors are decorated with pink walls which have furnishings drawn into them.

The house comes furnished with 10 pieces of wooden dollhouse furniture! There’s a dining table with 2 chairs, a sofa, lamp, stove, vanity, bathtub, bed with soft blanket and opening wardrobe with hangars.

Mademoiselle Doll's House is perfect for dolls or plastic figures 6in. (15cm.) or smaller.

Some adult assembly required. Includes an all wooden doll house, 10 wooden pieces of furniture and a cloth blanket.

Recommended for children 3 years of age and older.